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Does that mean?

Ok so,

PERSONAL: You'll receive the individualized attention and care that comes from a one-on-one, client-editor relationship. I get to know YOU, your style, your brand, your needs. Consider me your new post-production bestie!

EDITING: We're talking color correction, straightening & cropping, preset application, and basic lighting adjustments for all your beautiful photos. These services will be applied in ways that seamlessly match your unique editing style. 

As a professional photographer, you invest countless hours into editing your photos in the unique style that you've created. I understand how much effort and care you put into the editing process, which means I also understand how it keeps you from doing other things you love and the things that make your business thrive. So I'm sharing with you my top 6 reasons for why outsourcing is SO incredibly worth it!






Clients book you for your look, your brand, and who you are! They know your look from the consistency you've shown them. Maintaining this consistency in your brand is one of my top priorities. Since I'm a PERSONAL editor, I personally get to know your editing style through conversations, anchor images, and continual feedback. 




You're a photographer because you love capturing those beautifully authentic moments for amazing clients. What if you could spend more of your time doing what you love with more clients you love? Having a personal editor means that you can take on more of those clients that you've had to turn down in the past due to lack of time and availability.




An efficient workflow is a game changer that will save you time and headaches. We'll collaborate to streamline a workflow that is effective for your business and will leave you feeling confident. Get ready to see those to-do items on your list being checked off faster than you ever though possible!


Life Balance


I'm here to remind you that your family, your friends, and your mental health are not only meaningful, but priceless. Carving out more time to savor unforgettable moments with your loved ones and to invest in taking care of yourself are so important. As I work with you to give you your time back, I will always cheer you on in living your life to the fullest.




Gaining more of your valuable time back means you finally have the ability to grow your business in ways the ways that you've been dreaming about. Expand your business by adding that awesome new service or launching a supportive mentor program. Your profitable possibilities are endless!


Client Experience


You're not the only one who wins from deciding to outsource. Your clients will also be reaping the benefits! We're talking fast turnarounds that will leave your clients impressed and coming back for more. Not only that, but you'll have more time to build those meaningful client relationships and experiences that they love.


does this work?


So then

This process is all about supporting you and your business! To give you a picture of how we'll get started, allow me to explain with the help of the characters from one of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls


-Consult call-

Let's chat! We won't be

talking quite as fast as Lorelai, but we will become fast friends! We'll set up a time for me to get to know you, your unique editing style, and your goals. Together, we'll develop a workflow and strategy that best fit you and your business.



Now that we've strategized,

I'm ready to start editing for you! You'll send me a catalog of your photos with a few anchors, and I'll get my Emily face on to give you meticulous attention to detail and not settle for anything but the best. I won't just batch edit and call it a day. I'll be holding Emily Gilmore expectations for quality.



I'll get your photos back to you with the same respect for deadlines and schedules as Rory. You'll then be able to send those photos off to your clients, impressing them with your amazingly fast turnaround time.

Got more questions? Ready to get started?