• Audrey Cochran

Commit Your Boulder

Read: Proverbs 16:1-3, Psalm 37:1-7, Matthew 26:36-46, Luke 22:39-46

Uncertainty is one of the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve sat in. It’s like the middle seat of an airplane between two large strangers. The seat has its purpose, and I know I’ll eventually get where I need to go, but it’s just so uncomfortable. It feels like I’m stuck, not able to move an inch, even though the plane is actually moving me at over 460 miles per hour. Uncertainty steals my perspective. The discomfort of it propels my mind to race with questions in hopes of finding some form of comfortable, solid ground. I just want the flight to be over, to get out of this seat, and to arrive at my next destination.

Desperately searching for something that I could do to get out of my uncertainty, I came across Proverbs 16:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3, NIV

The action I was given in this verse is to “commit,” but what does that really mean? The Hebrew word translated as “commit” is galal. When searching for the definition of galal, I was expecting to see words like trust and devote. While the essence of these words are still within the definition, galal actually means “to roll (literally or figuratively).” So how are words like commit and trust related to the act of rolling?

Imagine yourself in an open field with nothing but wild flowers and tall grass for miles. As you look into the distance, you can see only a faint glimmer of what you hope to be your future. Maybe you see yourself getting married or landing that dream job or holding a newborn baby. As you start to take your first step toward that glimmering future, you realize you can’t move one of your feet. You look down to see that your foot is tethered to a boulder three times your size. It’s massive! You try to release your foot, pulling and tugging as hard as you can. After great effort, you succumb to the fact that you are bound to this boulder.

In defeat, you cross your arms and lean your back against the boulder, not wanting to look at it any longer. As you rest against it, you’re surprised to find that the boulder feels comfortable — almost familiar. “Why is this familiar?” You turn to the boulder for further examination, and you see that it has carvings all across its surface written in your handwriting. It’s your fears, your insecurities, your pain, your worries, your doubt, your shame, and all the things that weigh heavily on your heart. It’s all there, and now you’re seeing just how heavy it truly is.

Even though it’s overwhelming to see all these fears and insecurities written before you, you’re motivated to not let them stand in your way. You walk behind the boulder and get ready to push toward your future. You count yourself down: 3, 2, 1, push! All your effort is being channelled into moving the boulder. Your feet dig into the dirt, trying to get every bit of leverage you can. Finally, the boulder starts to move, but with just that slight movement forward, you fall to your knees in exhaustion. Gasping for air, you think to yourself, “I don’t know if I can do this!”

Out of the corner of your eye you see a shining light. Even from just a peripheral glance, you know it’s too bright to look at directly. While you can’t make out any details, you know it’s Him. You can feel His presence. Awestruck, you bow your face to the ground, but quickly realize He’s welcoming you near. You stand up and get behind the boulder, readying yourself to try to roll it again, but this time towards Him. With a deep breath you lunge toward the boulder with all your might. As soon as your hands make contact, the boulder immediately starts rolling. “How is this happening?!” You look up and realize it’s not just your hands pushing. His are right next to yours. With just one movement towards Him, He came to meet you where you were.

Not only is He now taking the brunt of the pushing, but He’s also guiding your every step. Separating the tall grass, He reveals a path for your feet. He knows the way. He created the way. Is He leading you towards the glimmering future you saw earlier or towards something else you never even imagined? You don’t know, but you trust that He does and that His way is good.

Along the path, He helps you chisel away the fears, lies, and insecurities written on the boulder, replacing them with words of truth. Even though new worries continue to be written on the boulder, you know what to do, and more importantly, who you’re doing it with. You know the one you’re rolling toward, the one who will meet you and establish a way before you.

We all have our own boulder, and we all have a choice of what to do with it. When we choose to roll our boulder toward Him, we are actively committing it to Him. We are acknowledging and surrendering that we cannot establish our own way. We are not in control, and life is uncertain. Only He can bring certainty. Only He can establish.

The next time you sit in uncertainty, allow yourself to feel the discomfort, the fear, the insecurity. Write it on your boulder, and commit it to Him. As you roll towards Him, He comes running towards you. As you commit, He establishes.

Reflection Questions

  1. What would be written on your boulder?

  2. How does it feel when you’re trying to roll your boulder of uncertainty, fear, and insecurities on your own?

  3. How did Jesus live out the principle of committing everything to God?

  4. In your own life, how could you practically roll your boulder toward God?

  5. What will happen if you roll your boulder toward God instead of trying to roll it on your own? How could it affect your relationship with God, your perspective, your feelings, and/or your future?

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