• Audrey Cochran

Connor & Mandy - Newlyweds

From handcrafted rings to a custom built backdrop, this wedding was filled with special touches that show the love and thoughtfulness of this newlywed couple and their family. The rings crafted by Connor were kept secret from the bride until the ceremony. The joy on Mandy's face was undeniable when she listened to the sweet words of her groom as he gave her this one-of-a-kind ring that was made just for her. As they shared in this moment, behind them stood a beautifully decorated wooden frame built by Connor's father. Recalling this moment and the intimate details of it all brings a swell of tears to my eyes. How beautiful it is to see a heart of servitude passed from one marriage to that of the next. This, my friends, is the beginning of a legacy. Along with these sweet moments, the day was rich in laughter and filled with light-hearted fun. I'm grateful to have been part of their beautiful celebration. Congrats to Connor & Mandy!

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