• Audrey Cochran

Engaged: Nathan & Avalon

They've lived by the ocean--two of them to be exact. When you ask them for their love story, they'll tell you of their travels to and from these oceans. The Atlantic holds memories of their beginning, their starting line for an adventure of a lifetime. The waves of the Pacific tested their strength and deepened their roots--roots that have since held them tightly to their foundation no matter the storm. All these memories have been wrapped up into the perfect ocean blue of the sapphire center stone on her engagement ring. In her ring, Nathan gave her the ability to carry these ocean memories with her wherever she goes. This intentionality of Nathan truly shows his thoughtful and kind nature. As he shared his heart behind the sparkling sapphire ring, Avalon's heart melted, and so did mine. It was an unforgettable experience, watching this beautiful friend of mine beam with joy from the engagement to her best friend. I'm so grateful to have been a small part of this special day! Congratulations to Nathan & Avalon!

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