• Audrey Cochran

Laura & Her Girls

These girls are my winners! Earlier this summer I opened a contest on my Facebook and Instagram pages for a free mini session, and they won it! Meeting Laura and her girls was a joy. They were making me laugh right from the start with our first conversation of the day being about how little Emma spilled bright pink nail polish all over herself, the floor, and her yellow dress minutes before they left the house to meet me. How Laura still pulled off getting to our session on time is a mystery to me. I chalk it up to mom superpowers. It was easy to see during our time together that Laura is passing those superpowers on to her oldest daughter, Anna. Watching Anna care for her younger sister was beyond precious. Anna was constantly working to make Emma smile. She let Emma lead the way, taking them down grassy paths and finding new flowers to smell. Anna blew bubbles to her, playfully chased her, and picked her up when she fell. We all need help getting up from time to time, and I'm glad these girls have each other for those moments. What a sweet family! Thanks to Laura and her girls for spending some of their Saturday with me!

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