• Audrey Cochran

Megan & Erin - Forever Friends

Sometimes jokes are funny simply because they point out how ridiculous life can be. Recently one of my friends, Peter, made a one of these jokes about friendship. He said, "Nobody ever really talks about Jesus' biggest miracle of still having 12 close friends in your 30s." Haha! As I've gotten older, it's become more and more apparent to me that I can't rely on convenience to have lasting friendships. It takes intentional effort to keep and continue growing a close friendship. How much more true is this when your best friend has moved and now lives in a completely different city! Erin and Megan know a thing or two about this. They've been best friends for years, despite now living in different cities. They're a great example of a long-lasting, laughter-filled friendship sprinkled with glitter. Adventure is out there for these two, as long as there are some pitstops for pranking along the way. I'm grateful to have Erin and Megan in my life and loved capturing their friendship!

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