• Audrey Cochran

Mr. & Mrs. Negrette

As you look at the details of Nathan and Avalon's beautiful wedding, you'll find how significant travel has been in their lives. For them, using maps in the decor of their wedding was not just a cute and trendy addition, but a way to share their story. Each dinner table was decorated with a framed map of a destination that's meaningful to the couple. These maps showed where they grew up, where they had their first date, where they've gone to serve together, and where their dreams may take them. Even without these tangible reminders of the places they've been and the memories they've made together, the people surrounding them on their special day were an even more beautiful representation. People from across the country came to celebrate not only this special occasion, but the couple they love. Nathan and Avalon's love for one another and love for others was so prevalent that day. Not even the crazy gusts of wind could keep them from smiling. Thank you to Nathan and Avalon for letting me be a small part of your big day!

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