• Audrey Cochran

Newborn: Caleb Hoffman

Happy 3 months to this little guy! Even from being with him and his family for just a couple hours, I can tell he has been well loved for over each of those 3 months. Before our session, I asked his mom, Meagan, what she wanted to make sure we captured during our session. She said, "His smile." I loved this simple yet meaningful focus--this reminder that the little things are worth capturing. So you may be wondering: How did you get Caleb to smile during the session? I can give you three reasons for that big, heart-warming smile of his: the kind and playful words of his momma, the silly games of peek-a-boo with his dad, and the gentle kisses he received from his older brother. The comfort and love of our family is so powerful, no matter how old we are. Thank you to the Hoffman family for this reminder and for letting me document this charming smile.

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