• Audrey Cochran

The Billman Family

This little guy came in with a sunshine shirt and rocket ship shoes. Just from these small details I could tell he would make this a fun session, and boy, he did not disappoint! He's a mini adventurer, wanting to explore the winding paths of the forest preserve and dig into any rock pile he could find. The best part about young Huxley's adventures that day is that his parents were willing to go on these adventures with him. When Huxley was more interested in the gravel paths than this whole let's-sit-down-and-take-a-photo-with-mom-and-dad thing, his mom was right there to explore the many wonders of gravel with him. As he wandered through the grass, dad grabbed his hands and started playing a walking game with him. It was so fun to watch Brandon and Andria support their son's curiosity and make some beautiful memories from it along the way. Thanks to the Billman family for letting me tag along on some of their adventures!

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