• Audrey Cochran

The Hamlow Family

As a person who's only "child" is completely covered with fur, the thought of becoming a real mom can make me almost nauseous with anxiety. Before you read too much further, let me just give you a general disclaimer that I do love other people's children, it's having my own that freaks me out. While rumor has it that it's all worth it to be able to hold your own little one in your arms, I can often be left unconvinced at this time in my life. I always assume at some point my mind will change or my hormones will trick me into wanting a baby to call my own. Until that time comes, the Hamlow's have a way of warming me up to the idea of children. The way they parent their two kiddos often leaves me with a smile on my face. They laugh off any falls, celebrate the little things, and roll with the inevitable crazy. I'm grateful for this family and the example they've shown me. Thank you Hamlow's!

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