• Audrey Cochran

The Kelly Family

My mom is in the process of cleaning out the storage room of my childhood home that we've lived in for the past twenty years. While I grew up seeing this room as a storage closet for all things Christmas, my mom has seen it as space to keep our memories safe. As we've started to go through the tubs of toys and bags of clothes, these material things have sparked so many memories that they had me holding on to each of them tightly before letting them go. While there are many items that we're choosing to let go of, there are some that we simply can't get rid of. For the Kelly's, I'm sure some of their forever items will be these wooden toys and crocheted blanket. The wooden toys were passed down to little Simon from his dad and the blanket was crocheted by his grandma. I loved the thoughtfulness Nicole and Ben had when they chose to bring these special items for their session. It was so fun to see Simon and his dad playing with them together. Thank you to the Kelly's for a wonderful fall family session!

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