• Audrey Cochran

The Martin Girls

My smile didn't fade the whole time I was with these girls. From dance moves to giggle fits they know how to keep each other (and everyone around them) laughing. Their free spirits and fun-loving nature remind me to let go of my insecurities and just be myself. It's amazing how when we choose to be ourselves and own our stories, it can give others the confidence to do the same. I love this influence that the girls have had on me. I like to think (and believe I'm right) that it stems from their mom, Holly. A picture of Holly could be put next to the definition of influential. Her motivation and passion for the things she does makes you want to do whatever she's doing with her. And the best part is that she's happy to have you along with her. So thank you to these girls for their influence on me and for a truly fun session!

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