• Audrey Cochran

The McKenna Family

Despite the chilly March weather we've had this year, we still caught some sunlight in this beautiful family's session! The McKenna's are the kind of family that make you feel invited into their lives. Last summer I was lucky enough to be a nanny for their three adorable children. Our summer was filled with bubbles, swimsuits, and Moana. Lots of Moana. Their oldest, Lachlan, is a creative little guy with a vocabulary that is probably bigger than mine. Ridley is sweet as honey and knows how to make you feel loved. With the youngest, Griffin, I experienced how different life can be when your baby learns how to crawl. Boy, is that a whole different ball game! And now seeing him at this session, he's a walker! It's crazy how fast time goes and how quickly kids grow. Emily, being fully aware of this fact, expressed to me that she wants to be able to capture the growth of her kids throughout the year. This means that I get to look forward to two more sessions with them this year! I loved photographing this stage in the McKenna's lives and can't wait to capture more soon!

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