• Audrey Cochran

The Penner Family

This little one, Braden, is as sweet as they come. A kiss from mom and dad is all it takes to makes his smile span for miles and miles. I've been able to watch Braden in our church's nursery, and he's proven himself to be a bookworm from an early age. Every Sunday he's drawn toward our shelf of books. He gets on his tip toes and reaches his hand as high to pull down any book within his grasp. For him, just about any book will do. Braden gleams with pride as he brings his book to an adult, ready to nestle into their lap to read. There's something about reading a book with a young one that just fills my heart up with joy. Braden has done that for me time and time again. I'm glad that Luke and Beth are willing to share him with me, at least on Sundays. It was great to spend time with this wonderful family and see how much love they have for one another. Thanks to the Penner family for a fun filled session!

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