• Audrey Cochran

Why Feeding Our Kids?

While I was still daydreaming about opening a photography business, I envisioned it being a business that supports and gives back to its community. I've lived in Champaign County for most of my life, and while at times it felt like growing up in the middle of nowhere, it has grown to have a special place in my heart. I've learned to appreciate the cornfields, laugh at the never-ending winters, and pretend that the creek in my backyard qualifies my house as a waterfront property. Above all else, it's the people here that I've fallen in love with. This community is full of people with warm hearts and kind eyes that welcome you in and make you feel at home. It seems that there's something in our nature that pushes us to protect, preserve, and provide for whatever and whomever we call home. Whether it's a light bulb that has burned out or a loved one that has trouble believing in themselves, we see the needs of our home and try to meet them as best we can. I can only assume that Feeding Our Kids was born from this mentality. They were willing to consider the families of Champaign part of their home and worthy of any support they had to offer.

With 1 in every 5 children being in need, Feeding Our Kids saw food insecurity as a need that must start being met. Their organization began with sending home food to 18 children per week at Robeson and Westview schools. They continued their work with a vision to help food insecure school children in our community break down the barrier of hunger and move toward success that will help enable them to learn and accomplish great things as they grow up. Since this time, their vision has produced an organization that is now serving children in over 30 schools.

So, why did I partner with Feeding Our Kids? Because they chose to meet the needs they saw in our home. Their vision for our community inspires me and makes me want to be part of it. Let's take care of our home together.

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